Chambre Noire
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Brand Olfactive Studio

The dark room envisioned by Clémence René-Bazin, an alumnus of the fabled Magnum agency, is in a hotel in Cairo with a view of the Nile, the modern city on the opposite bank rising in stark contrast with the antiquity of the legendary river…

Dorothée Piot's olfactive rendition of this image also draws on a contemporary vibe to express age-old ingredients. In fact, vintage fragrance lovers might well be delighted with this full-bodied blend: with its boozy, plummy notes, violet, patchouli and leather, Chambre Noire drops more than a hint of an old-school chypre. As though you'd smelled the sillage of Femme in a temple where incense had been burning. After all, ancient Egyptians did consider that perfume was the sweat of the gods. All the more reason to treat yourself to this divine fragrance, as sensuous and mysterious as a hotel room in an exotic city – or as the innermost chamber of a temple dedicated to beauty.

Chambre Noire Notes

Pink pepper, jasmine, papyrus (cypriol), violet, incense, prune, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, leather

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Customer Reviews

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Chambre noire

Not what I expected, smell like incense in the beginning and it didn’t last very long maybe three hours, not for me.


My new most favourite scent. I'm so glad that Scent Split allows us to purchase partial product. I LOVE this scent. It's exquisite and uncommon. My next purchase will be a bigger "split" if I'm not able to purchase the entire marketed product. Love!!


Just received the 10ml decant of Chambre Noire and with 1 spray received compliments and questions at my office, "that smells AMAZING! what do you have on???" needless to say once the decant is finished, I will be buying the bottle.

Great Scent!

Just tried Chambre Noire and it is yummy! Exotic, smokey, and just what I
wanted. First scent in two years I have found that I liked. Scent Split makes
it easy to try a new scent without spending serious money and taking a chance on something you don't know. Very pleased with this perfume.

Smoke N Booze

This fragrance evokes a sense of mystery. It is indeed dark, and has a campfire smoke appeal. These qualities are contrasted by something slightly brighter-I'm not sure what-but it certainly makes one curious.