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Anthony Rodriguez
Smells like Basilica

Smells exactly like it should. If you TRULY like incense than you may like this. It is very strong and I can't say enough that it smells like incense. It's a bit much for me but for some it may be just what your looking for to add to your collection. Do NOT blind buy.


Silliage was weird, I could smell it then I couldn't, performance questionable. Good smelling fragrance though.

Ian Reynolds

Thought with the good reviews
I would really like this one.
Unfortunately It just smells weird on me. Fun trying it though.

Absolutely love it

I never thought I'd want to smell like a combination of church incense, herbs, and milk, but this one pleasantly surprised me! The opening reminds me of taking a break from walking crowded Italian city streets by ducking into an old Catholic church, only to be pleasantly overwhelmed by its quiet opulence - an experience I had a lot while traveling Italy! Opens woody and incense-y, all tall ceilings and church pews, then mellows out some as the milk & labdanum work with the incense and herbs to create a more intimate, cozy savory gourmand-type scent. The combination of herbs, milk, and skin sweetness in the drydown won't be for everyone, but I find it absolutely mouthwatering and incredibly comforting. I almost finished my 5 ml sample in 2 weeks and have loved it so much I had to get a full bottle. Wouldn't describe it as blind buy safe, but highly recommend picking up a sample!

Espii H.
Strong and Herby

If you like the smell of herbs and low-key wanna smell like a witch who is also into dark academia this is it. It is pretty strong, though, so only one or two sprays will do the trick. I think it also pairs well with other, light/citrus scents if you think it's too strong. I also very much think it's a winter scent, maybe cooler autumn days too.