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Arian G Ward

It’s not something I would purchase. It doesn’t stand out to me.

Danielle Doheny
Couldn't smell almond biscuit but still pleasant

I purchased this with the hope that it would smell like an almond biscuit or cookie based on some of the reviews. The first spray did smell a bit like that but it ended up smelling like a light sweet floral on me during the day. It smells good, but not what I was hoping for. I enjoy it but not sure I would invest in an entire bottle but it was enjoyable for an occasional change up and I am happy I tried it and will definitely finish the small bottle I purchased. Thank you scent split for making it possible to try new high end fragrances like this one without putting in a ton of money.

No Almond

Smells like rubbing alcohol with a powdery floral undertone. Very disappointing.

Taylor Stotler
Lactonic Almond Biscuit

Italica for me is quite sweet and you won’t like it if you dislike the smell of almond. I find, however, that the milky lactonic elements smooth out the sweetness to enhance the nuttiness. The long term dry down on me is absolutely intoxicating and lasts all day on me. I can’t imagine wearing this outside of cooler weather, though, as I could see it becoming very overwhelming. Also, the 5ml spray bottle is HIGH quality. Absolutely love it.

Italica smells amazing!

This is a delicious gourmand that reminds me of the holidays. Smells so good but it was lacking staying power in my opinion.