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Perfect mango scent

This smells just like a juicy mango (very realistic) that reminded me much of my childhood with a milky dry down. Perfect for tropical vacations or summer if you wanna smell delectable and have people turn around and ask what perfume you were wearing.

Rhoda Lee
Lemon Caramel delight

On me, this opened with the tang of lemon, but a sweet lemon that lasted throughout, but about 30 minutes in, the Caramel made itself known! Yummy, warm, pleasant! I could still smell lingering Caramel the next morning. Moderate sillage on me, great longevity.

I didnt want it to be one star!

Perfume reviews are subjective since a scent will smell different on everyone, so take that as a disclaimer :) this smelled awful on my skin, reminded me of overripe fruit that has rotted. It smelled somewhat better on the paper strip I sprayed it on first, but it really didn't have a discernable fruit scent besides an off smell.

El Niño!! Summertime in the fall!

This warm mango scent has a vanilla base that is perfect for summer or winter. It has that El Niño feel of an unusually warm winter. It's not a girly (immature) scent, but it is pretty refined - in a good way! It does remind you of mango lassi, but no worries, there's no curry in sight! I didn't find the mango to be too overpowering. You know it's there, but it's a warm mango, not a tart scent.

Gorgeous fall perfume

This is sweet and sophisticated in the best way. It's perfect for fall.