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Rubber is sexy

People are right about the rubbery smell …
It dissipates, as does the sweetness, and then the dry down is just the sexiest. I understand not wanting to go through an opening you don’t like though. But if you liked Bvlgari Black back in the day when it was potent (think it got reformulated/watered down before it got discontinued), then you NEED to check this out!

Lien Siris
Gorgeous scent

Great customer service and fast shipping. I live this scent so much it's signature scent! It's so airy, lightly sweet, and the saffron is amazing! My favorite from.the line:).

No. 5 not my No. 1.

It is a unique fragrance. It has great projection and lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours. It performs very well. However, the fragrance is just not for me. One of the spices (that I cannot identify) does not agree with me. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

Sonia Burnette

Not my favorite. I like No.6 so much better!

Jasmine D.

For me, this was love at first sniff and I purchased a full bottle the next day because I'm absolutely obsessed. Fortunately, I did not get the rubbery smell that many others say they get upon putting their nose on this. All I got was a whiff of pure bliss. It's pure heavenly ecstasy and is sweet (not cloyingly sweet though), slightly spicy and has a sexy muskiness accented with a beautiful amber in the dry down. It is so well balanced and a beastmode scent that does not require over spraying to make a statement, so I'm sure this bottle will last a long time. It lasts such a long time on the skin and is worth the price IMO.