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Archie Givens
Expected More From Profumum Roma

Been wearing this throughout the past week to get a real good feel for it. Performance is OUTSTANDING as it will last 12+ hours with 5-6 sprays. Projection and silage is good as well. 3-4 hours at arms-length and then it sits a bit closer to the skin for the rest of the wear. However, to me, this is a very mild chocolate scent that smells pretty good in the scent bubble but when I spray it on my hand it smells like plastic. The chocolate note is not as rich as I thought it would be and I also don't get much orange.

Overall, it's an average chocolate fragrance that I feel could really shine if worn while dressed to the "T" at a very classy event. Just wish it had a bit more density to it, which is what one would expect from a house like Profumum Roma.

Will wear it a few more times to see if my opinions will change but right now, these are my thoughts on this fragrance that seems kinda mediocre for Profumum Roma.

Randy Sackey

The best chocolate fragrance period!

Love at first smell

I wanted to start off by saying that perfume is a very subjective thing, but I would argue I have a very good taste in perfumes and am very selective, so please take my word for it (unless you for some weird reason despise the smell of chocolate). I purchased this sample last year and absolutely fell in love with it! It is incredibly unique, gets me many compliments, and not to mention I smell like an Italian bakery for hours. It's obviously a bit more sophisticated than just a chocolate pastry. I even wore it out to the bar a few times and had two people ask me what I am wearing. Since this perfume is from Europe and it is niche, I can guarantee nobody else in your hometown in the U.S. or Canada will find this gem, so be that person to stand out! The bitter orange, woody, and vanilla hints come through so beautifully. My boyfriend finds this perfume irresistible. This is definitely a perfume for the cooler months (fall and winter). Highly recommend giving this a try!

Chris Jackson



A wood laden chocolate that has garnered me lots of compliments. I love layering it with a few other fragrances...really makes them pop. Great comfort fragrance that’s really delicious.