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Carolina Lopez
It's a like but not a love

Had high hope for Confetti since I already loved 2 others from PR, Aqua dulce and Dulcis in fondo, but I think a note on there throws me off, I think it's the anise...other than that longevity and projection are great!

Giulia Cuomo

One of my favorite gourmand scent
Super long lasting
High projection
Lots of compliments

Made me feel like a walking almond croissant ;)

3 stars is not bad, for me it means good not great. After being intolerant to the alcohol in perfumes, and attempting a return 10 years later, Confetto was first in line because I picked it from a box of 20 scents I ordered. I didn’t like this at first, too sweet and gourmand which is NOT my style but hey, I’m experimenting. By the 3rd time, I was a little obsessed. I love the drydown, it turns muskier and less sweet. No mention of vanilla in the notes (?) but it does turn vanilly, I swear, a note I usually hate. Here I made peace with it. Very long lasting on the skin, projection is medium. A bedtime fragrance, not sure I would wear this at the office honestly.

A Barbano

Wow what an interesting fragrance! Overall sweet and vanilla-esque. But there is also an almond confection vibe that dries down to a spicy anise sort of smell on me. It’s really really good and I would love to wear it in cold weather. Lasts very very long too!

Ehh vanilla smell to it.

It is ok better then the other one I got. I dont like that you spend 5 bucks or more on a tiny tiny bottle smaller then a finger. It has a vanilla smell more sweet.