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I want to love this, but…

It does not mesh well with my body chemistry. The scent gave me a headache as soon as I put them on and it disappeared within a few hours. I even try layering them with my other perfumes but Safanad couldn’t stand the chance at longevity like the others I paired her with.

elly hi
It’s good but not for me

I see why people enjoy this. It has a lot of popular notes that make for a classic fragrance. It’s spicy and sweet, very classy. However I personally do not gravitate towards this type of fragrance. I do enjoy it but I don’t think I’d buy a full bottle, which is why I’m thankful Scentsplit offers samples :)

Rosey A
Scent Split Leads me to Another Absolute Fave!

Soft floral. Smooth. Pretty. I definitely smell orange blossom. It gets better and better as it dries down (when the vanilla starts to feel present). It is subtle, not bold at all but still super pleasant and happy. This is a safe daytime fragrance. I like it quite a bit actually ('delicious' is a word that instinctively come to mind), and I would love to own it. It might even replace Athalia as my favorite (or tie it for my first place from this line).

I've heard people say it smells like Kilian's "Love Don't be Shy" (which I love) and JPG's "Classique" but I've never smelled the second one, and it doesn't remind me of the first, so I couldn't say. I do know that I really, really like this one.

Karen Olson


kristen pedersen
Thank you!

Thank you scent split! I love being able to try things with out having to go for a full bottle. Nice glass decant and good sprayer as usual.