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Kenneth Carter
Kalan Review

This is one good fragrance from pdm. Not overpowering, great scent.

Rev. Fr. BK Darnell
Kalan - a modern hybrid.

I blind bought Kalan because I wanted something different, and not so hyped, in the PdM lineup. While it is indeed different, I stumbled upon the familiar by a review that described it as “a mix of Dior Fahrenheit and Geoffrey Bean Gray Flannel.” Having worn multiple bottles of each in the past, this review stuck with me for my entire experience with the fragrance, and I cannot get beyond the dimensional aspects of Kalan when I wear it. Not that such is a negative, but it does experientially compartmentalize my impressions of Kalan as a modern hybrid of Fahrenheit and Grey Flannel.

Kalan (only)

All of the PDM frags are of high quality and performance. However, Kalan is not my favorite, strictly for personal reasons.
My Top-3 PDM frags …
1) Carlisle
2) Layton
3) Haltane
I would recommend reading the profile for each frag, pick out a few you think you might like, and purchase the sample sizes to try them. Then, you can select your own based on you opinion.

Stephen Spring
Worst I’ve Smelled from PDM

I really didn’t like this one. Not sure what it is about it I didn’t like because the notes looked appealing. Maybe the black pepper was to strong.

Malcolm Henry
amazing! Start to Finish

Smelled this in Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale cant remember which and i didnt like this at all!! let it set on my skin over the day and insta fell in love --- put ya nose on this one.