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Sandra Whitworth
How do I get to wonderland!

This fragrance is beautiful. I purchased this as a decant. I can’t wait to purchase a full bottle. It really does transport you to look through the looking glass of Alice in wonderland. I love the delicate tea note! So soft & pretty! x

Ally Lopez
This is like a warm hug

I don’t usually love powdery fragrances on my skin chemistry, but something about Lost Alice drives me insane. I can’t stop sniffing my own pulse points. It smells vaguely like warm, spiced and sweetened milk served on a dusty couch with a side of a carrot muffin. You’re welcome.

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Rosa C.
It’s okay if you like the smell of pencil shavings

I’m usually drawn to creamy lactonic or powdery fragrances so I really thought I would enjoy this perfume based on the notes. I really wanted and expected to love this but all I noticed was a scent reminiscent of pencil shavings. It is not an unpleasant smell but not what I expected.