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Cody Christ
Good Barbershop scent

Good barbershop scent with a modern take.

Ruben Ramirez
At the barber's

At The Barber's is a modern fougere which as the name implies is a "barbershop" style fragrance. This is probably my favorite fragrance that captures the classic shaving foam smell. It opens up with a light citrus blast but quickly settles into a nice lavender and slightly herbal smell. You do get a faint leather accord but it is more of a supporting note. There is also a slight touch of sweetness, which I think comes from the tonka bean.

I personally love the scent, but unfortunately the performance is what will keep me from getting a full bottle. On my skin, after two hours the projection falls significantly and it sits as a skin scent for the remainder of the life of the scent. If I could get 2 more hours of moderate projection I would certainly be buying it, but as it stands, it is too weak for my liking.

Daniel Navi
Great place for great fragrances

All the fragrances were high quality and unique, shipped fast and authentic. My go to for samples.

Daniel Huegel

It's fine. Just not the scent for me

Kevin Epps
at the Barbers

a fresh take on the smells of the barbershop...very good performance and projection on this fragrance.