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interesting scent!

Another 13 is different and addictive. For those of you in search of a fragrance that lacks sweetness try Another 13!

Renee Ricci
Quite disappointed by this one

I’ve tried Bergamote 22, the noir 29, tonka 25, and santal 33 from Le Lobo, and while I didn’t absolutely love all of them, I really enjoy and use them all regularly (also very fun for layering). Another 13 has so much hype, but I get notes of… nothing. It’s a very light, faint scent of… the closest thing I can think of is hard candy shell, which smells like slightly sweet wax. It disappears almost immediately as well. I was surprised, because a lot of people love it! Not actively bad smelling, but I never have the desire to put it on, so I gave it 2 stars (I’m currently huffing my arm trying to get anything out of this). I guess it’s just not for me.

Perfect Skin Scent

I love this scent. But, I can only enjoy it upon first spray. Then I go anosmic to it. I thought maybe it was an issue with the longevity or projection, but I had a friend immediately compliment me on how great I smelled. I couldn’t detect it on my skin at all. I really wear fragrance for the scent experience it gives ME throughout the day…so I only wish I could continue to enjoy it after applying. I still love it though….

Arnaldo Espada

Another 13

Light woody and molecular

I wish this was as strong and projected on me as much as other people say it does for them. I will go back to it and sample again in the future. For now it’s just okay.