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Lee Allport
It smells a bit acrid and dull.

I was hoping this would smell like a bonfire. However instead it smells like exactly what it's called. The smell of burning buildings isn't warm or inviting and instead sneaks like acrid smoke. Stale and dull. Not a fan at all.

Emma Narancic

A City On Fire

Tarek Dbouk
Smells like it’s name

I thought it would have a twist . But it literally smells like burning smoke , like around a bonfire or something . They were honest, but not a smell I would wear , unless I am sitting around a bonfire perhaps.

Worst fragrance I've ever experienced

This actually made me gag. It smells terrible! My sister said it smells like actual garbage. I cant imagine anyone wanting to wear it.

edith roden
Great service!

I ordered a parfume I’ve been wanting to try for a while! They sent it right away, and everything was perfect!
“A City On Fir” is an interesting scent, a mix of burning and benzocaine! The benzocaine type scent dissipates with the dry down and your mostly left with a scent like you have been standing by a campfire for a good while.
I, personally, really like a different type of scent, one that might have someone say, ”something smells like a fire!” And I can reply, “it’s my scent!” I love that!!
I do wish it longer lasting though.