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Great vanilla

Excellent fragrance to wear by itself but also a great base for layering scents

village scent
Beautiful Dry Vanilla

This scent has amazing longevity and is absolutely delicious. It's a non-aggressive, dry, almost powdery vanilla. To me it smells of candied almonds, the ones that come coated in white candy. I absolutely adore it for going out or even staying at home. Everything went flawless, as usual, with the buying process, and the decant remains one of the best in the market. I'm completely satisfied.

Mallory Opel
Warmest of warm vanillas.

I love this scent. It's incredibly comforting, cozy, and warm. Perfectly unisex, and absolutely delightful. Ended up ordering a larger spray size. Love!

Sugar Shack

I wrote the same review on Fragrantica:

I was raised in a part of the world (eastern Ontario, west Quebec) where Sugar Shacks were an annual place to visit come early April when the maple trees would begin thawing, tapped for their sweet sap. This was boiled down in vats in the shack and the result would (eventually) be pure maple syrup. The shacks themselves would be build of maple wood as well, and after many years, the smell of the boiling maple sap would permeate the structure.

The initial smell of this EDT reminded me instantly of the smell of these places; semi-sweet, resiny, woody. For that, I'll give it some extra points for personal nostalgia. As a 42-year-old man, I'm not sure if I can pull this off, but am going to darn well try. I received a sample when buying another fragrance but keep gravitating towards the sampler instead.

My fav

Its my favorite scent from the bunch! It's original. The scent is really deep. It last for a very long time too! The package it came with is very sturdy and well thought of! It's like opening a present!