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Tobacco, tobacco, tobacco

To me, this does not invoke sunshine at all. It reminds me of the pipe my dad used to smoke eons ago - the fresh, creamy tobacco, not the stale, smoke afterward. Although I wouldn't say it's sunshine or summery, I am in love with this scent. It starts off fruity and creamy, then dries down to mostly just tobacco on my skin. A strong dry down that I can't get too close to my nose, but the trail is unbelievable. I can't stop smelling it!

Not your citrus summer fragrance

This is summer time desert eaten on the porch : Love!


Not as exciting as described. It’s pleasant and lasts a long time. Settles to something more mature than one might expect.

Incredible company, interesting scent

I received the decant quickly and I love the bottle! As for the scent, I haven’t decided yet. I love it for how interesting it is and sometimes when I smell it, I think of sweet sunshine, but there’s something off about this perfume too, but in a pleasant way? Perhaps it’s the way I perceive the tobacco note (quite prevalent). I have a feeling I may grow to love this perfume but I need to experience it in the proper setting, it might be more of a spring or even summer scent for my tastes, but I’m one who thinks of Olympea intense as a hot summer type of scent. As for the company, I LOVE that I can get a big enough sample to properly experience a perfume without having to commit to a full bottle and the selection is magnificent!

Latifa in FL
Subtle and Radiant

Sunshine Woman brings a light uplifting airiness and soft earthiness together in a most surprising way. It's joyful, but not "beachy". It's fresh, but not overly woodsy. It's invigorating but not citrusy. I usually don't enjoy tobacco, but this is harmoniously blended into a seamless whole. Sunshine Woman has a delicacy, subtlety and radiance that I love!