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Alissa Vafiadis
She has my heart.

This is my favorite winter fragrance. Imaginary Authors never disappoints.

Jared Hoffert

Not terrible or unwearable, but to me it has almost a metallic sharpness to the pine/fir, gave me a cheap artificial feeling. It does sweeten up a tad after a while with the strawberry, the fir/pine greatly overpower it. Reminds me of some old spice body washes.

Sophie Pinciotti
i love it !!!

i was so happy with this purchase ! right off the bat it’s definitely a strong pine forest smell but not overpowering in anyway, with a little sweetness (i’m guessing the strawberry) and i do notice those “mountain fog” notes listed on imaginary authors’ website. it has a really light vanilla scent that comes out much more once it’s been worn for long, and the other reviewers are right about its long lasting scent!!! if you apply too much at first like i did once it’ll be a little too strong but it goes away within an hour :)! with the sweet pine, vanilla-y, hazy cold evening notes it’ll be a go to for me for the winter. i really loved this and will probably be buying more samples til i can save up to justify the $50+ full bottle :D !!!!! i would consider this a pretty safe perfume to buy bigger than the 1ml sample :)

Smells Like Home!

PNW born and raised. F/24. This smells like home. It has incredible longevity, and it will be my new go to winter fragrance. I was nervous about smelling like Febreze but every note is authentic and reminiscent to me. I don’t smell the strawberry, at all. That being said, I am perfectly happy with the fragrance and I do not need the strawberry in order to love it, the multifaceted evergreen notes are perfect for me.

Fresh Woods and Sweet Berries

This is a pleasant, outdoorsy scent. Right up front it gives you a big hit of evergreen, woody and resinous. The berry sweetness takes the lead a little while later as the wood fades out. If you want to smell like a hazy summer afternoon in the Olympic National Forest, this is the closest thing to it I've ever come across.