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Great scent for cool weather

I am new to this house so i wanted to try some samples. I bought a sample of rehab and side effect. I know the many positive reviews on side effect but didn't see too many reviews at all about rehab. However the reviews i did see were all great. When i received it, i sprayed it on my arm and i was like wow, this smells great. It has this spicy kick to it that i think only comes out in cool weather. I don't think you can wear this in summer. Maybe spring but definitely not in the high heat. This smells similar to PDM carlisle and givenchy PI. Not exactly the same but under the same scent umbrella in my opinion. But smells more like carlisle. Good scent. I'm debating on a full bottle but i don't think i could wear it daily, so i might just purchase another sample but a bigger sample for next winter.

Matthew Bice


1Track Hawk

This is my 3rd time purchasing rehab this is one fragrance that I know of that can be worn no matter the season it is.

Michael Brown
My review on rehab

long lasting, smells great to me

Peter C
Excellent spicy sexy fragrance

It is a fresh spicy fragrance with some well balanced woody undertones. It is similar to Spicebomb Extreme but fresher and better blended. Probably don’t need both but this clearly a better fragrance IMO. If you can get it on sale it’s definitely worth the extra cost IMO.