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Definitely a nice classy fragrance

Bought a 2ML sample of paragon. I've been on a sample spree so i can pick and choose which one i like and then buy a full bottle of it at discounters. This fragrance opens up well and then settles down very smoothly. I don't think this will work in high heat situations but definitely spring and even fall. I am actually wearing it right now as i type and i work in an office environment. I already received a compliment from a co-worker so that's a nice touch. However it is a bit chilly on the day i wore it at 45F and i think this is prime time for a scent like this. With the brisk air outside, then stepping into the office with your body heat radiating the scent into the air, it does wonders. A nice clean smooth fragrance. Not entirely masculine but not feminine. This is right dead in the middle. This isn't my favorite initio fragrance though. But i haven't sampled all of them yet. Right now musk therapy is my favorite but i didn't review it yet.

Nice Fragrance

This is real smooth, I would say it’s a nice day time warm weather fragrance. It has decent projection but I go nose blind at times to it but it’s there. Solid fragrance with a fruit essence

Matthew Vivatson
Paragon is maybe the best

To me, paragon is the absolute best initio fragrance. Atleast on my skin, of course. The plum is so nice and the palo santo cuts through the sweetness. Cant go wrong with initio, i like most of their products, but this one is a stand out. Smells very masculine on me and very feminine on my lady. So dynamic. Bought a full bottle after I received my decant.



Irina Seketa