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Liz K.
Green Irish Tweed - wonderful!

This is a beautiful scent! I smelled this at Saks and while I don't want to shell out the big bucks for a full bottle of it, it's great to have a sample. It's a scent that will really wake you up in the morning and it's something that both I, as a woman, and my husband, as a man, can wear. It's a powerful scent with a lot of endurance. Can't recommend this highly enough!

A stroll through a meadow

I love wearing when going hiking, walking or golfing, anything outdoors. It is a clean scent that radiates the moment, instant improvement to my mood as a great spring companion.

Mr Joel
Top 5

If I were starting out a fragrance collection, I would get this first!

Green Irish Tweed

Left a lot to be desired.

I have a clone and i wanted to see how close they are. The lemon verbena is bright in the opening with GIT, but after 10-15 minutes, they both smell very similar. I get to sample a few more times with the decant. Hopefully, the experience will be better.

Even beforehand, i.would never spend the amount needed for a Creed, and after trying a small sample, it fully confirms it. You may feel different.

As for Scent Split, they made sure the decant was secure. It did seem to take a few more extra days to arrive versus other orders I've made. Not a problem though.

Robert W
Creed Green Irish Tweed

Quality...truly, a masterpiece!