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Charles A Wynn
Realistic and smooth tobacco fragrance

Buying the real thing over the two clones Exclusif Tobac and Tobacco Myth was a better decision for me. CH Mystery Tobacco has a way more realistic tobacco scent, very masculine, it smoother. If it wasn't so expensive I would buy another bottle

Alexander Babbie
Solid, smooth tobacco

Very well blended, high end tobacco fragrance. I prefer Carlisle to this, but its close.

Jackie Russell
Classy Unisex Tobacco That I Can't Get Enough Of!

It starts off with a splash of Citrusy zing from Osmanthus and Ginger. The Artemisia is barely noticeable. But what's apparent is the sweet pipe Tobacco that makes its presence known from start to finish. Guaiac Wood adds a little Smoky touch while Patchouli and Vetiver give this smooth fragrance its green cloak - ever so gently. The Tonka Bean grounds it altogether with an added boost of vanillic sweetness. I don't care about seasons nor temperature. I wear this day (less on the trigger) and night. It's alluring, Intoxicating, sexy and sensuous at the same time. If its not for the high price tag, I'd have 2 or 3 back up bottles. Love! Love! Love!


Smells just like Parfums de Marly Carlisle. If you've got one, you don't need the other. Damn near identical

Jared Miller
One of The Best Ever!!!

Great Great Tobacco Scent! Top 3 Ever!!!