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A joy to sniff

I am always on the lookout for straightforward citrus scents (primarily lemongrass) but also like the peppery elements in more masculine colognes, so I was especially curious how this Bohemian Lime blend would be. While I couldn’t really smell the initial lime notes (but my husband and coworker could), the combination underneath was so unique that I kept sniffing my wrists all day anyway. The citrus and "pepper" complement but neutralize each other perfectly = this can be worn anytime and anywhere without it being too biting or too much. Also a little bit goes a long way — I applied sparingly in the morning and it lasted until bedtime.

Matt Hanna
Is good perfume

The perfume is citrus, smell good with descent performance

Rolls Jean

The service was good I just don’t like the smell of the cologne .

Richard Cockerham
Beautiful Lime!

Great frag and full bottle worthy!! Thanks too Scent Split for the opportunity to try niche fragrances before you blind buy…and REGRET IT.

Love it!!

Bohemian Lime is a great summer scent or office scent. I don’t see much hype about this scent on YouTube and I’m okay with that because it has become my signature scent for warmer weather. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments while wearing this from coworkers and strangers. I get good longevity with it as it lasts through the 8 hour work day but I usually give a couple sprays around the 6 hour mark just so I can smell it again and I can run errands after work knowing that I smell amazing. :) I definitely recommend trying the 2ml decant if you’re in the market for a summer scent.