“The harlot of perfume world” is the title Roja Dove gave to tuberose flower. Source of one the most erotic smells found in nature. There is a belief in some parts of India that prohibits teenage girls from smelling this flower during sunset and night to avoid the sin it tempts.

And that an apt for a perfume that evinces the flower at its best quality: Carnal Flower.
In this issue, we discuss this world-famous tuberose fragrance from Frederic Malle. It is arguably the milestone of the genre that simply shows the carnality and the opulence of the flower. A perfume equivalence of listening to music in Bang&Olufsen sound systems. Hats off! Such work of art has taken months to create.

Trivia: The idea of creation goes back to a movie named Carnal Knowledge (1971) in which Candice Bergen – Mr. Malle’s aunt – acted with Jack Nicholson. Once sprayed you notice bergamot, a verdant leafy aroma, fresh melon paired with prominent pearly white tuberose, and of course promising effect of jasmine and lactonic coconut to give it a humidity it needs to get rather provocative.
Tuberose is a type of white flower with a remarkable fleshy sweet with a softly animalic odor. Since the petals are colorless, they cannot attract bees, so
nature donated this variety a powerful and distinctive scent to grab the insects’ attention.
Carnal Flower is not only a perfume with tuberose in the core, it's a symphony to celebrate its glory. And just like the way tuberose spread its erotic ecstasy, the perfume has enormous longevity with unusually powerful sillage. No perfume enthusiast is pro without knowing this herald of tuberose.

September 02, 2021 — Scent Split