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Opens up sweet then dries down to oud!

This is such a wonderful scent. I understand why some compare Liwa to Bacarrat Rouge 540 and Initio's Oud For Greatness. The opening is sweet like that of 540 and the dry down slips into it smelling like Oud For Greatness. I enjoy it. I would recommend it for the holidays for sure and date night. I received compliments because its not floral or musky which is a fragrance I was missing in my collection. I purchased a 5ml bottle from Scent Split and it was delivered with the details of the contents on the bottle and presented beautifully in a box that I can give my wife. Will I get a full bottle of Liwa...yes! It's on the list. 😀

Sergey Potapenko

Thanks! I like it!

tan le

Middle Eastern oud mix with baccarat rouge 540 die down