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Juliet CW
Just Gorgeous!

This was truly a gorgeous scent but so unique too. Would absolutely buy again.

Danielle Wise
Love it!

Incredible show stopping spectacular never been done before

This scent is not for me

Updated with correct star rating: I have been contemplating purchasing a full bottle of TF Santal Blush for quite some time. I decided to get a sample instead of a blind buy (which is how I typically purchasing fragrance). The reason for the sample purchase was that TF fragrances generally don’t have great lasting power on my skin (see: 3 hours max and then disappears). When the fragrance arrived, I sprayed it on and the opening was off putting which is weird because some of my favorite notes are in this profile. After 10 minutes, it was pungent; straight cumin smelling. Needless to say, I will not be buying a full size bottle. I hated it so much that I gave the sample away to a friend.

Joanne Orloski
Santal blush

My daughter loved it but its not right for me. Service very quick. Will do business again

Claudia L
Santal Blush

It was not what I expected. Too salty, not pleasant. I’m happy I did not buy the big bottle. I did not like it at all.