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Marco Vargas
My orders never arrived

I couldn't review the perfumes for the sole reason that they didn't arrive, more than 20 days ago I placed 3 orders and they never arrived and until now they haven't resolved anything, they only say that the packages were delivered, but I didn't receive anything

Ric F.

Excellent fragrance, excellent service.


Another Tauer scent that either relies on a refined taste standard or, at the very least, cultivation, neither of which are a given for an unsophisticated kid. ACDD, like it’s predecessor, is not for trendy, artificial, bubblegum masses.

Old school scent

I think this is a fragrance for very mature, all grown up men, something my grandpa would wear. To me this smells classy and elegant with vibe an old school vibe.

Tibbar Wets
Like wandering through dunes with a bouquet of flowers

Au Coeur du Desert translates to "Heart of the Desert" in English and, learning that, I would say that this name perfectly encapsulates the fragrance it beholds. Like L'air du Desert Moroccan, it is warm and cozy yet adventurous, though Au Coeur is much more feminine then it's predecessor. After a sharp opening of prevalent coriander that does tickle the nose like sand, the spiciness is soon softened by an unravelling of floral notes, until slowly settling as a warm amber dry-down. For me, the image that comes to mind is wandering through desert dunes in a long white dress while holding a bouquet of jasmine and roses.