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Christopher Koepke

Such a powdery and awful fragrance. Old lady alert.


What an incredibly natural smelling fragrance. It smells like the outdoors, tree sap in spring or autumn. There is a fresh air, hay smell with a bit of smoke. Some vanilla to round out and soften the edges. I applied this very sparingly initially and still it creates a beautiful scent bubble around me. There is a natural barnyard type vibe that I get from this too that is similar to the funk one would appreciate in a fine wine. It's not an unpleasant scent at all but is reminiscent of well worn, warm leather and hide. This mélange is wrapped up in a beautiful robe of spices. There is something very dignified and refined yet very earthy, crude and without artifice. It achieves the aesthetic of wabi sabi. This is a very primal, soothing and comforting scent. Several hours later after returning home, I was really pleasantly surprised by smelling something wonderfully sweet, warm and toasty, and realized it was me! This is a scent I could reach for often. It is so comfortable to wear.

Norma E Hoffman
another baby powder scent

Oh, I was so hoping for something interesting and sophisticated. And it was - for the first 3 minutes - then the whole thing collapsed into a cloyingly sweet baby powder scent. This tester is already in the wastebasket.

Terrance Logan
Cool weather scent

Decent radius fragrance, good for cool weather, especially for evening outings.

Subtle spicy...

A YouTuber convinced me to sample this after raving about how spicy this was but it fell flat for me. I don't hate it but I would probably only reach for it if it were a last option. It lacks the character I was hoping for. Kind of smells like a person after they walk out of a cigar lounge.