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Natalia K

Sweetie Aoud

Lisa G
Beautifully made

To me this is rich, smoky, buttery raspberry pastry, then as it beins to dry down the oud appears. It does stay slighly sweet and warm on my skin. Although I do not like rose as a rule, I love how it's blended here, and that's quite impressive to me. You only need a liitle spray or two. I could smell it on my wrist the next day after a shower. Quite amazing. A decant will last a long time, but I want a bottle. My son said, "wow that smells like a well made fragrance, and I like it!!"

Dr. Otis Taylor
Makes me feel special

This fragrance has a chocolaty aroma and lasts all day. It’s well worth the price.

Dianne Albert

Smells just like cedar , so if you like the smell of a tree then this is your scent , no bakery at all !

Double B
Love this

This is just my experience everyone is different

First things first performance is off the chain I got off work at 3pm I still smelled this in my sleep thinking in my head Da** I’m still smelling this sh**

Projection is Da** good I sprayed to much though I did 7 that’s OVERKILL I was kind of chocking myself out in the opening I would recommend like 3-4 again I have good skin so most fragrances last on my skin your results my very

I would recommend this only if your buying the 5ml that would give you enough time to get a full bottle cause your going to have to wear this at least 2-3 times to get a good feel and smell of it also this is not a fragrance you wear all the time more like special occasions and holidays