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James Prince
Pleasant scent

With a name like Seminalis, I expected this to be audacious in the vein of ELdO’s Secretions Magnifiques, but it ended up being a mild milky sweet musk. Nice, but not boldly animalic as I’d anticipated. Not a keeper for me.

Alexis Spanias



Tried for the concept and ended up falling in love. It’s a sweet, sweaty, wet vibe. Smells like you’ve been rubbing in the sheets with somebody you’re in love with. My only regret is not buying a bigger sample size.

Johangely Escobar
Best thing ever

Really love this!

Am I Moved?

I wanted desperately to be moved, shocked, and/or disgusted but on those fronts, I have to say I was disappointed by my first sniff. Then I kept trying, and placed some on my inner wrist. Now, I came to truly love this fragrance though I'm still not sure I've been emotionally stirred. At first, I get a strong chemically scent, like an aggressive rose or jasmine extract. That does not last but moves into a delightful powdery scent (never thought I would say that) that with its undertone of high class gourmand, smells like someones insanely wealthy, decadent, luxurious, and all-around lovely grandmother. A Grand-Dame that will kiss you on the cheek instead of turning her nose up at you. Now, that it has been warmed on the skin, it has warmed up to me as well. Now, indeed I do get a hint of sex. The wonderfully romantic kind that you would see in the movies. Imagine being in that room, where the young lovers are entangled with each other and the sheets after a poetically eventful night. The golden sunlight is washing over them. Perhaps one of them is of the nobility and the other isn't or maybe there is another reason they can't scream and shout into everyone's faces about their love. This secret indulgence is the heart of this scent. So maybe I have been moved, just not in the grand sweeping way I wanted. I bought this fragrance in the hopes that on wearing it, it would drive unwanted attention away from me but now I fear the wearing of this perfume will result in quite the romantic tryst.