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Adil Khan
Elegant Scent

Initially polarizing scent. The Oud is very animalic. However, it settles down beautifully. Reminds me of Dubai Mall. It has strong projection and would easily last you 10 hours at least.

Mario Valdez
Oud bomb but worth it

At the opening it has a harsh ashy but fruity smell to it but it drys down to such a great and unique scent

I really want it but..

I saw a reaction to a video on YouTube and I really wanted to smell it but it's a very, very animalic smell and it's difficult to use at first, maybe after hours it will go down a bit and other notes will come out. It is definitely not a blind buy and it is not for the day either.

Brandon Franciscy
Awkward Scent

Screams high end luxury fragrance but never settles to the calming comforting fragrance I look for. Very strong all the way through and there is a note in here that does not sit well with me personally. Almost comparable to soapy cilantro tasting gene some people have. Some really like some really dislike. Just like Angham that I have tried it’s as if I walked out of a fancy cigar lounge.

Edward Love

I enjoyed this fragrance. For whatever reason it mildly reminded me of Fahrenheit as some points.