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James Prince
Mildly disappointing

I really love animalic scents that tread a thin line between beauty and horror: Ambilux, Golden Ambergris, Silence the Sea, and Bascule for instance, scents they'd ask you to spray on the tester strip *outside* the store. I'd read that this scent by Nishane was not for the faint of heart, but, on me, it's just oud and amber, barely rising to "animalic." When it first goes on, it's challenging in the same way Bascule is: the smell coming off the flank of a large animal, hay, exotic incense. But it tames down in minutes. Don't get me wrong: it's pleasant, and, on someone else, it might be a delightful fright, but I'd rather wear Bascule.

Scent junkie

I hate to sound cliche,but talking about (curiosity killed the cat). It was killed when it smelled this fragrance. I should've known to not to waste my money on this when I didn't see any reviews for this on Youtube. The opening is enough to abhor any human nose in existence! I was hoping it would somehow grow on me as some of my past purchases has.Nonetheless this is absolutely bad,which shocked me because Nishane is one of my top 3 fragrance makers. I was surprised they flopped on this because it contained some of the notes that I like, which are animalic, and remind me of the oud like fragrances I have in my collection. Lesson learned,and I'm thankful to (Scent Split) for providing samples for us so we can know,before we buy.

Mark E.
Bad scent. High quality fragrance.

I give this only one star for the quality, and another star for the sillage. No more stars given because of the bad scent. My trusted friends hated it and all think it’s more of a rotten flower smell lol unlike other Nishane Hacivat, which is the absolute opposite.
I am disappointed at Afrika Olifant and would never buy it.

Not that animalic on my skin 🤷

Blind bought a full bottle thought maybe it would be in the ballpark of leather oud ....Unfortunately I don't get much of a scent out of this one. Maybe the bottle needs to mature a little or something. .. the little bit I get on the opening is nowhere near what the review says


Animalic to the max. Once found a small animal cage with water bottle, food dispenser, and a urine soaked blanket inside. Smelled just like this and I'm serious. Save your money and get the fan your flame by Nishane Istanbul.