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Franklyn Anderson

good company

sweet darkness

it definitely resembles hash when you're told that's a main note. without that knowledge i don't think anyone would notice though. it's dark, a little sweet, resinous and unique. overall great scent, performance. price isn't bad but if you save it for special events a decant is a good pickup

Mizrahaim Delgado
Good fragrance, but not for everyone.

Fragrance smells alright, but I would highly suggest to give it a try before buying it. It’s not for everyone.


i had seen reviews on this and still did not really know what to expect. they talked about the note breakdown and how it smells but i still could not put the scent in my head. they all said to sample it, saying it smells good but its not for everyone. so i figured i would give it try and bought a 2ml bottle. soon as i took it out i could smell the fragrance and it smelled great. i couldn't wait to wear it. i decided to wear it a few weeks later and i knew it was strong but i still put on four sprays, two on my neck and shirt, and that was too much. two would have been fine maybe even one. it has been about 3 weeks and it is still on my shirt. as i wore the scent it would dry down and it smelled wonderful. i am in love with it. when i first smelled it i immediately said i need a full bottle but it is so strong that you only need one spray so i will probably have this 2ml for a while, and this is a certain occasions cologne, defiantly not casual.

i let my friend smell it weeks after i worn it and her eyes it up and wanted to know what it was and insisted that i let her wear it.

Krzysztof Biliński

Good, but I prefer other perfumes more