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Not for me!

Ok! So I just got a sample of this perfume and initially I could not pinpoint what it smelled like on me all I know is that my nose does not agree with it and bf thinks it smells cheap on me! So I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I smell because I cannot smell any vanilla or coffee notes but it smells very familiar. Then it hit me!! This perfume has Amber in it! That is alllll I can smell. It reminded me of a time I asked a woman what she was wearing because she smelled sooo good. She told me she was wearing the Amber perfume from Whole Foods. I went to buy that perfume so damn fast after she told me lol and when I tried it on me boooy did it not smell the same. It made me very nauseous every time I wore it so I had to return it! This perfume TO ME and ON ME smells just like it and I just cannot unfortunately stand the smell of it. This is proof that not every perfume will mix well with your body because I loved it on the woman I had met and maybe if i smelled this on someone else I might like it but unfortunately me and Intense cafe don't mix well lol so be cautious when blind buying ladies 😂

Intense cafe surprise

This fragrance is delightful, I bought a 2ml sample and now I’m buying the 100ml bottle. Buy yourself a sample and you’ll see what I mean. I could go on and on saying how wonderful and beautiful it is but I’m not, just buy yourself a sample and you’ll thank me.

Not that good

Doesn't really smell that good it’s too strong

Carlos Quintero
Intense café

Went totally out of my comfort zone for this fragrance. I’m so glad I did. Quite literally had my female friends leaning on me and asking what I was wearing. They loved it. I was skeptical at first, the more I continue to wear it. The more I love it. It lasted all night and on my clothes a few days right before I washed they still smelled like the initial spray. Extremely long lasting. What a great fragrance!


Beast mode! Love the fragrance. A great rose, coffee, and musk composition!