Seville A L'Aube
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Brand L'Artisan Parfumeur

A perfumer, a writer. A man, a woman. A perfume, a story: Séville à l'Aube. From an encounter comes this incredible soliflore fragrance, a sublime orange blossom, alive with contrasts.

The writer behind the story that inspired Séville à l'aube is Denyse Beaulieu, the author of the noted fragrance blog Grain de Musc. Her creative collaboration with Bertrand Duchaufour is the narrative thread of her book The Perfume Lover, a Personal History of Scent, published in the UK in March 2012 and due out in the US in March 2013.

Séville à l'Aube is a perfume filled with passion and desire. It is also the contrast between the joy of carnal pleasures and the dark, sombre aspect of the drama of Holy Week.

The story takes place in Seville, Andalusia. Incense-burners imbue the city with a spiritual atmosphere, as flowering orange trees diffuse their sweet, delicate perfume.

The lavender scent of Eau de Cologne emanates from the crowd, blending with the sweet smells of church candles that burn throughout the ceremonies. In this magnificent setting, a passion is born between a woman and a young Spanish man. The orange tree is the leitmotif of the perfume. Its green sap scent is present, blended with a fizzy aldehyde note that expresses intense emotion, from the outset. In this way, the fragrance opens with spicy, green and zesty notes. There is also a distinct lavender note redolent of the Eau de Cologne so typical of Spain.

This initial sensation gives way to the passion of the heart notes, which strike us like lightning... Enhanced by a jasmine accord and beeswax, the orange flower absolute reveals its opulence and stunning sensuality. The indole accord resonates with this bouquet of white flowers, revealing the fragrance's eroticism, while the whole ensemble is enveloped in the sweetness of Siam benzoin.

Tinged with melancholy, the perfume's base notes unveil a certain darkness, imparted by Luiseiri lavender from Seville, with its cistus, resiny, ambery notes. It echoes the lavender top notes, resonating harmoniously with frankincense to give a spiritual intensity to the entire perfume.

Seville a l'Aube Notes

Lavender, pink pepper, lemon tree leaves, orange blossom, jasmine, magnolia, beeswax, incense, Benzoin Siam, Luiseiri lavender

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idk about this one Chief :/

Had someone compliment me for wearing this, however, I don't really smell it. The scent is waaay to weak for me to pick up. I guess you gotta sample it to have an opinion.

Great fragrance love it

People were turning their heads like what is that sweet smell...