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CJ Velazquez
Down by the Misty Shore

I told my mother to close her eyes & think of a breezy, misty day, lunching it at our favorite restaurant called Barhs in Sandy Hook. I asked her to stick out her wrist & I sprayed this twice & she was immediately transported. She fell in love with this scent. It is an addictive, aroma therapy type scent.
I just can't get enough of this beautiful, salty, sea shore, Vanilla aroma.
This is just a different Vanilla scent than everything else out there, which is saying something in a market saturated with Vanilla scents.
It is not that loud but it last on me for a good 6 hours with solid projection.
A week later, I bought a full bottle. ONE LOVE.

Sad Bengals Fan
Great Note Balance

Vanilla is my favorite fragrance note. I was looking for a new scent in the Vanilla Vibes vein. This did not disappoint! It’s a warm, beachy, smooth dip in a pool of vanilla. Loved the sample, going to buy a FB. Also, it’s always a pleasure working with Scent Split!

Rhonda Goldman
A bit disappointed

I guess I expected this to be something a little extraordinary and different from other perfumes in its category, but I find it to be a little too sweet and nothing special that would draw compliments. For me, a good perfume is one that gets compliments from others and people ask what you are wearing. this one isn't it. Very vanilla and sweet

Nathalie M.
Pure happiness

Gourmand, simple with a little "je ne sais quoi", long lasting, reassuring.... What more could we ask for.... to wear everyday....

Juan Gutierrez
Great Summer Vanilla

It’s a great scent for those vanilla lovers. Can’t wait to get a full bottle of this.