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Jaime Butler
Pacific rock moss

This scent is hyped up but for good reason.its very refreshing absolutely unisex, and it does have a special little something that stands out in the dry down that makes it seem more luxurious compared to other citrus freshies. I do think the price is crazy but there are far more expensive fragrances that are less quality.if your sharing a bottle with your significant other its worth the price.discounters usually have this.i would say this is a safe blind buy but for price id sample.

Cam S.

Great aquatic scent! A little mossy on the dry down, wish it lasted a little longer, otherwise perfect for the summertime.

Vanessa Garcia
Smells nice, but no projection and poor performance

Smells nice...sort of like one of those tropical drinks...coconut and lime and fresh cut grass...but it doesn't last and zero projection. If you want to smell it, you have to hold your wrist up to your nose.

Jose Martinez
Great scent but…

Great scent but lacked longevity.

Overflowing Beach Vibes

This is an ultra fresh and stunning summertime beach scent. It's light, fresh, and airy...yet it's more complex and enjoyable than other similar fragrances I've tried, so it has that certain X factor to it that pushes it from 'good' to 'great'. If you're a fan of layering or combining scents, I find this one really interesting to combine with Squid from Zoologist. They both feel oceanic, but in different ways. The other day I went down the beach wearing this on one wrist and Squid on the other...and found it extremely interesting to compare the different facets of each. Smelling both at once was quite pleasant and interesting. Almost like you get shoreline oceanic with Pacific Rock Moss and deep sea oceanic with Squid, pretty enjoyable to tinker with. Recommended.