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I hate to agree with the haters but alas

Imagine someone made you take an over-full shot of really expensive, really strong vodka. This feeling and taste is the opening note of this odor. Now imagine taking this shot after a night of hell and you're standing down the hall from an operating room. I took a really deep inhale of this because nothing in it was making me gag like it did to other reviewers. Then I gagged.

Madelyne Artman

I have been collecting unconventional scents for a while and this one completely blew me away. Even coming close to the bottle gave me shivers, at first the scent is hard to grasp it is almost offensive but you’ll find it suddenly grounds you like you’re and alien species greeting earth for the first time and you step out of your ship and inhale all of the human skin that has ever existed all at once. I love it! I will be buying again!

Charles N.

One could only hope that there is some abstract olfactory trauma therapy method or industrial application that would require this scent to exist. It is so horrendous I had to wash my hands multiple times after handling it and I could still smell the metallic notes of death lingering on my fingers tip. So if you need to train ER nurses toss this on the practice dummy, I guess. In conclusion, not an everyday scent; probably intended for use other than body fragrance.

Rotting Smell

I was really interested in the sexual description of this perfume. I like body odors and I like blood. I did a blind test once I got a bunch of samples of other perfumes. This smells like metallic rotting. People who say it smells like aftersex make me wonder who they're doing it with... Or maybe their body chemistry makes it smell a bit different?

The initial spray felt like I was punched, and then I started feeling like Something Wasn't Right. It was like I had fallen in garbage and realized something dead was underneath it all. I felt assaulted. I felt shaky. I had to shower but it wouldn't come off. I went to the grocery store just to buy rubbing alcohol to remove. Yet I still have a morbid curiosity about it.


To me, it smells like blood right off the bat. When I had my boyfriend sniff this (he didn't know any of the notes or anything) he thought it "smells like the beach". And after about 7 hours of wear, the metallic notes died down and I started to smell that beach smell. It smells briny and powdery on the endtail of wear. This one has moderate lasting power.