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Daniel Negri
Cowboy grass

Very similar to Bowmakers... But smells as it sounds ....

Nodnarb Sonej

Nothing special, doesnt smell very good

Milo Caton
odd nostalgia

i love this scent. it takes me back to something i can't quite remember. it's not very strong but i just carry it in my bag and reapply. i like that it's herbal but not smoky or too sweet.

Beardy Bear

To me it just smells like OG old spice which is definitely not what I was going for. Definitely more masculine leaning than I was expecting but I guess I should have with cowboy in the name.

Hot Dang, this is good stuff

This is so well named. It is very fresh and uplifting. But not fresh like a young guy hitting clubs or kicking butt at the office. This is outdoors
all the way. Casual but also at home in a fancier place. Consider a person rough around the edges who "cleans up real good!"

I'm female and I love this for me but it would be gangbusters on men for sure. Very herbal. Very confident. Try it if you want a
break from anything fruity, flowery, ambery, tobacco-y, etc. I think it's a love... My only hesitation is that I'm reviewing after wearing only a short
time (I know, shouldn't do that, but eager to share...)--anyway I can't speak about longevity really. But my sample was free--I'll keep hitting it up
if need be... Also, this reminds me of Tam Dao somewhat--addictive.