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shalonda Artison
Smells amazing

I surprised my husband with this scent and it’s such a hit!! One of his favorites great sexy scent

Michael Skidmore
Best scent ever

I haven’t had a fragrance like this in a long time. Best lavender with geranium I ever came across

Daeman Odom
A true gem

I am a true fan of this fragrance. It has a classy smell, more for a cool fall evening when the young lady you are with is a little chilly and you lay your jacket across her shoulders and she is reminded of how a true man acts and smells. A Taste of Heaven is reminder that chivalry is not dead.

Aylin Creal
Too heavy

The scent is too sweet too heavy for me

Kelsey Kajiwara
Definitely an acquired taste

Not what I was expecting, and definitely not my cup of tea.
Not saying it's bad just not for me. That being said this is a quintessential niche parfum. Expensive, strong, long lasting, stands out compared to main stream scents and not for everyone or most. Look forward to sample more By Kilian, but it is hit or miss. Won't knock them for that though, glad to see products that they want to make and not just products that sell but are like everyone else. Too bad my nose likes what sells lol.