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Tuesday Love
I can see this may be polarizing

If you arent into complex, saffrony deep scents. This is not for you. This is for a modern woman is exudes confidence and wears all black. Or a woman on a night out who wants to be noticed.
I specifically say its deep scent, because I dont find it that dark like a mans cologne. I feels like this may be more a womans scent, despite being unisex.
This is like a weirdly sultry humany saffron smell to it. Its not bad at all. I like it, but the jury is still out if this suits me. Definitely for nights out or cold weather only. It has a warm cozy-ish feel to it. A lot of people describe it as spicy, but for me spicy isnt the right word. Its not the familiar spicy smell Im used to. I think they are refer to that saffron smell. Very animalistic. Very with a sexy with a question mark.
A little goes a LONG way.

Hector Cotto
I barely have to wear it more than once a week!

This fragrance lasts forever, apply it to a jacket and it’ll last a week! I’m sure it’d last longer, if I didn’t do laundry weekly! It’s honesty one of my favorite cold weather fragrance to wear. The complex warm spicy opening, with an added hint of floral rose is so unique. Don’t be discouraged from the smell of roses, it’s not too feminine, especially with the leather base note, it’s truly a scent for any person, man or woman.

Karen Wako

The perfect fall/winter scent, It smells amazing

Abdo Alawlaqi
Must have

The best nothing else compared to it

Melanie Montano

omg i am obsessed im trying to buy it off ebay as i finish this