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Amela Kovacevic
I was just super curious!

I was very curious based off of previous reviews and marketing by the brand. I really wasn't sure what this would smell like. To me, it's a mix of ozone, a metallic blood-like scent, baby powder, and some other bodily fluid that I can't identify. The first spray made me gag, but once it dries, the smell isn't as powerful (but still pretty strong). I don't totally like it but don't totally dislike it either.

Alexandra Yaw
Interesting, but addictive.

This scent had sparked my interest since I heard about it. I got my hands on a sample today. I read so many reviews that they gagged upon smelling, but I didn’t. At first it is very harsh, and a little off putting. Once it rested on my skin it smelt very nice. It is addictive. I won’t wear it for everyday, just because it’s so sensual smelling. It lingered on my skin very nicely, and made me feel sexy. I have always been into unique scents. And this one is one that I know I’ll love.

Ahleah Johnson

Smells clean, also does smell like you just slept with someone. Fun like that, can't speak for the protection, i tried too little.

Smells better on my skin

Purchased this as a sample not knowing what to expect.
Straight from the bottle it smells odd. Like a wet dog and pennies that have been in your hands for too long.

On my skin the initial scent smells kind of like you’ve spent all day at the beach on a hot day. Changes to lightly sweet, powdery, still a little salty beachhead scent. But I can’t stop smelling it. I layered it with a floral perfume and I loved it. Will purchase soon!

Erika Knipp
Off putting but interesting

I really wanted to have a chance to smell this fragrance. I am giving it 5 stars because I think they nailed exactly what they were looking to do. I would never wear the fragrance but it is definitely interesting!