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A lighter version of the EDP

Perhaps I’m not as experienced when it comes to perfumes but I didn’t notice a considerable difference between the scent in the EDP and EDT. Perfumes always appear differently on others so definitely check it on your skin, but otherwise the EDP just lasted longer and projected more than the EDT for me.

Liz Bendure

Great repackaging. Love the scent! Thanks!

kira zhang

Tam Dao

Lauren Lovellette
Loved it!

Scent split is amazing, although the bottles are pretty small. Loved Tam Dao, and will be purchasing a bottle of it.

The EDT is the best

I'm a Tam Dao devotee and much prefer the EDT to the EDP. I realize this is a contentious topic in the perfume world, which is just a world I'm oddly experiencing as a broke outsider. Tam Dao is simple, soft, warm, and beautiful. I don't understand the comparisons to Santal 33 at all... Santal 33 is all Palo Santo (I'm sorry.. "secret ingredient") ...I mean, burn a stick of Palo Santo and you have Santal 33. If you know anyone who works with the wood spiritually you likely also feel like Santal 33 is a single-note Palo Santo oil. Tam Dao, on the other hand, is soft sandalwood, cedar, and the warmest, most velvety bed of baby herbs. It lacks the gingery sharpness of the EDP version, which is why I prefer it. I'm endlessly confused by the people who list their experiences as the opposite about the EDT vs the EDP. EDT is the cozy one! And for some reason it lasts longer on me than the EDP. True story.