40 Knots
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Brand Xerjoff

No ordinary aquatic, 40 Knots captures the essence of the famous Italian yacht club and the Mediterranean air.

One of Xerjoff's signature traits is an uncanny ability to harmonize the most extreme intervals -- sparkling aquatic top notes in perfect balance with the deepest, darkest bases - like the sea itself with a sparkling surface and fathomless depth.

40 Knots opens with a sea breeze, warmed by sun-kissed, vegetal greens and cooled by the surface of the salty water. The bracing, nearly menthol, salt note ebbs and flows through the entire drydown, which gets darker, woodier, and richer with emerging notes of coffee, cedar, and clove. The crisp green and salty beginning softens to reveal a woody, slightly floral heart.

Yacht or no yacht, this aquatic stunner with it's surprising depth will leave turning heads in your wake.


The ingredients of these fragrances are to be kept a secret.

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Customer Reviews

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40 Knotts

Fragance is amazing!! I can definitely see someone wearing this in the summer time. Amazing aqua Fragance, of course it’s Xerjoff.

The right stuff

Great long lasting spring/summer time scent definitely bottle worthy.

Not getting the notes in the description, but.....

This is my first sample where the notes in the description of this scent don't show up for me when I'm testing it. I didn't get any vegetal greens, menthol, salt, or freshness of the sea.....to me it was just very sweet and sugary. The scent was nice, nothing special and pretty typical if you like to smell like mall perfumes.

Happy customer

First time trying this service. Will certainly use it again.