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This is the GOAT of vanilla gourmande fragrances. It’s sweet, sexy, luscious, long lasting and simply divine. If you love vanilla, this is the platinum standard.

Eman Masoud
Hands down the best basic vanilla gourmande!

I am a perfume collector with about 250 fragrances. I had a dupe from dapper and that was pretty close, that’s why it took me so long to get this, but I’m glad I finally have the real thing. This is literally like a creme brûlée! It smells so delicious! Worth every penny! It layers with practically anything. I don’t consider this a skin scent. Sillage is great. You will still smell it in Yousef all day! It projects fairly well, so people will smell it on you. It lasts all day on your skin, longer on clothes, but I do over spray. It doesn’t change throughout the day, it’s pretty much the same from first spray to dry down but I don’t mind that. That’s why I layer it with other fragrances. For reference: Some of my favorite Vanillas are Commodity Gold & Velvet, Xerjoff’s Lira & Dama Bianca, Bianco Latte, Burberry Godess, Killian’s Angel Share & Byredo Vanille Anyique. If you like these, gourmandes, vanillas, then you need to add this to your collection. However, if price is an issue, the dapper dupe was pretty good. It arrived in just over a week even though it was on back order so I was happy with the shipping speed.

Kristine M
I wanted to love her so bad!!

Beautiful unique gourmand fragrance. Others have described this as linear and ordinary but to my nose it's rich, layered and complex and I can still smell it on my wrist after 8 hours. The downside is that it hardly projects on me, if at all. This is a skin scent with an hefty price tag and for that reason alone I won't be keeping it in my collection. My review of EG aside, Scent Split is a fantastic online retailer with amazing customer service. 2 stars for the perfume, but 5 stars for Scent Split for making my shopping experience so pleasurable. They have an abundance of gourmand perfumes to choose from and the option to order samples too. I'll always find what I'm looking for here.


I can’t speak on longevity, but it’s a very nice vanilla scent. Customer service was very helpful and reassuring as this took a little under a month to get to me. I have since ordered from them again, great packaging & tons of scents to choose from! Thank you guys !


Gave me a headache. To sweet and thick