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Intrusive Thot
This Fragrance House Hates Me.

Listen, I've given House of Oud many chances. I've sampled about 5 fragrances from the company and they ALL smell like someone dumped differing ratios of medical biohazard waste, stale coffee, and years worth of cigarette butts onto the decomposing wood chips lining an outhouse. I can't. Maybe my sense of smell is too sensitive, maybe my skin chemistry just has a vendetta against agarwood. But this scent is by far the worst offender that I've tried. These scents seem to truly despise my skin, and you know what? The feeling is mutual. If this fragrance company was an actual "house" I would have [REDACTED] as a public service. 0/10

Maria Arango
Best perfum so far!

I love the smell! It’s so fresh and it’s not too sweet.

Quiet Seduction

Up to the Moon is an alluring scent that when you first smell, is refreshingly subtle. Once in the night air, had galactic presence...watched men move closer to get in my path.