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Sneaks up on you

When I first tried this a couple of months ago, I immediately put it in my "Nah" drawer. I pulled it out the other day to remind myself why I didn't like it and... boy! This stuff either needed to rest or maybe the weather was too hot/humid when I first tried it. Now in the dry down, it smells very salt-beach & vanilla with some tricky note I can't pinpoint. It's a head-turner. Best thing about it is its longevity. My 60-year-old skin is completely opposite from when I was 30-40-ish and just eats fragrance. Not this one. It has nice but inoffensive sillage - just noticeable enough if I pass by you - that lasts for at least 6 hours. This makes me smell divine.

Layer it?

I don't love vanilla fragrances however I found this to be far more uplifting and wearable than a rich, thick vanilla. Purchased a decant to layer and it layers well. Unsure if if I'll purchase a FB.

darian birckett
Love, Love, Love

Whenever I wear this I find myself sniffing my wrist all day long. The projection is no more than 2 feet but leaves a nice scent bubble around you nonetheless. This fragrance is also good when combining other frags that have vanilla and or tonka bean. I rate this fragrance 5/5.

Crisp and not too sweet

Always makes me feel a little more polished, like I’m fresh from the salon…reminds me of a high-end salt spray. One of my favourite light summer scents

David H.
It’s okay

It smells good but wouldn’t buy a whole bottle. Lots of hype for this, but don’t listen to hype and buy a whole bottle for any fragrance. Buy a sample first. Make sure you get the 2ml bottle with the atomizer.