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Nice smell

Raven Reliford
Passion De L'Amour

Smells Amazing and Fast Shipping!

Marcia Desvignes
I definitely get compliments. Thank you

I definitely get compliments thank you!

Devorah W.

I'm not good at picking out particular, specific scents in a fragrance, so I can only describe my feelings regarding the sample of Passion De L'Amour from House of Sillage. Since about 2006, I've been on a long quest for a fragrance that smells "spiritual". Of course, the word spiritual is very subjective. I wasn't sure what "spiritual" smelled like, but I knew I'd know it when I found/smelled it. After 15 years of searching, buying samples, and sniffing my wrist, I finally found my "spiritual" scent. On my skin, Passion De L'Amour smells warm, incense-like, comforting, snug, cherished, aura that might describe the lover in Song of Songs (Song of Solomon). It's a fragrance that I just want to keep smelling my wrist because it feels like a warm hug from a spiritual, ethereal place. As soon as I dabbed it on from the decant, I knew I had finally found my perfect essence. IMO, I've not smelled anything resembling this fragrance in my 15 year journey. My husband also fell instantly in love with Passion De L'Amour. Since purchasing my sample, I've already acquired a full bottle. Unfortunately, due to the covid pandemic and social distancing, I can't comment about receiving compliments. I know that perfume smells differently on individuals, but I'm in love with Passion De L'Amour. Thank you Scent Split for offering this fragrance in sample size.