One of our favorite things about style and perfume assortments on Scent Split is the sheer versatility when incorporating colors into attire. In this issue, we discuss one of the most favorable colors in the men’s realm and that is the variety of the blue color. Whether in garments or accessories, blue not only signifies men but also facilitates the combination of style since it’s a safe and easy-going color and potentially a compliment gainer.

So why not match the appearance with fragrances that perceive shades of blue. Below, you read our team’s suggestions of 11 perfumes that picture blue color.

Nishane EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ

If you pack your luggage for a vacation on an Aegean Sea destination, good to know that you’ll have a wonderful olfactory experience with pure seawater smell plus the vibrant aromatic and spicy smell of Rakı / Ouzo which is a rich-in-anise spirit of the region. That experience is bottled to the finest quality in Nishane’s EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ

Atelier Cologne Figuier Ardent

Figuier Ardent take you to the very moment of enjoying the smell of sun-heated fig leaves while you’re resting under their broad shadow and thinking it would be awesome if someone makes a perfume out of it. So here we are with one of the most realistic fig perfumes that gives you both the bristly surface of a fig leaf, and its comfortable and naughty aroma.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte

Fresh citrus fragrances and longevity? They appeared to be two poles of the universe, but Neroli Portofino Forte, as the title suggests, gives you both. You have a refined leather mingled in the bulk of refreshing citruses that linger for unusually longer than expected. Neroli Portofino Forte is a modern intervention in the settled classical men’s Eau de Cologne. It’s vibrant, it’s intact, and it’s all there with all its simplicity and opulence of neroli.

Prada L’Homme L’Eau

Iris is the very essence of sumptuousness. It brings retro air into an uplifting class that results like no other perfume ingredients. Dusty, foggy, and dramatic like a movie that touches your inner feelings and you cannot forget it for several weeks. Here in Prada’s L’Homme L’Eau, iris blasts upfront and quickly blends to neroli and ginger and forms a clean soapy scent. Fresh, summery, yet classy and rich.

Parfums de Marly Layton

You may enjoy a warm and enticing smell as contrary to your blue style, Layton allows you to match the idea without pushing the margins out. The perfume presents vanilla, cardamom, and lavender in

coexistence with green apple. The result is a handsome masculine gentility with a boost of sweetness on an aromatic playground. So chic, so provocative, and so youthful.

Roja Dove Elysium

Mr. Dove’s blue gem hit the market like an ace of spades in the days that mass-pleasing niche products have occupied the shelves entirely. This is an almost new release and a contemporary type of masculine cologne with extraordinary delightful woodiness and great longevity and sillage. A pile of citruses, wild fruits, fresh spices, vetiver, ambergris, and a touch of flowers make this perfume a Swiss knife, mandatory for summer to get cool. Elysium is both dandy and liberal like you’re walking in Mayfair streets wearing a soccer t-shirt.

James Heeley Note de Yuzu

Among those remarkable fragrances that are notorious for their jovial spine-shivering freshness, Note de Yuzu holds the flag on the summit. Heeley employs a team of values to attend to their renown minimalism merged with extra artistic characteristics of Maison Kitsune. For such superb freshness, they hire an intriguing seaweed smell and enforce it with grapefruit, vetiver, sea salt, and more prominent, yuzu. The very fruit to confront global warming!

Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi

Do you want to woo the ladies without making too much sorcery with ambers and ouds? Right, fresh fragrances usually lack that gravity, but some of them do it the best way ever. And Mandarino di Amalfi is one of them. Ironically this fragrance plays with a simple citrus compilation and a mentholated undertone. This is extreme freshness, sanguine, all-ready for summer mood in a bottle.

Serge Lutens L'Eau d'Armoise

A modest pale blue-gray style needs a fragrance to speak the same murmured note and what could be better than Serge Lutens’ herbal vitality elixir; L’eau d’Armoise. The perfume opens with a mint/lavender duet and veers towards absinthe with sugar cube implied. Fresh, aromatic, medicinal, and intriguing like a vial of poison.

Le Labo Bergamote 22

Here our list comes to one of the most well-known and top sellers of the summer season, aka a summer heat remedy! Bergamote 22 by the house of Le Labo is by far the one you need to keep the ambiance cool and keep the style hot! A well-measured combination of bergamot peel, grapefruit, and vetiver make this perfume a winner of street fashion mate. Fresh, crisp, smart, pure, and compatible with any cold color you wish but nothing pairs such vibrancy of woods and citrus better than shades of blue and gray.

Xerjoff 40 Knots

Don’t let the title mislead you. Xerjoff’s aquatic salty dark perfume is not another aquatic meh in the markets! Xerjoff’s peculiar intention to twist the ordinary results in a sparkling top sprinkled atop a deep woodsy saline base like the ocean itself.

The perfume doesn’t take you to the seashore, Nah! It gathers people of the same hoppy and sport in a club of yachting. People for whom the sea is not a resort destination, but another season of challenge in life. It’s a serious sport and 40 Knots celebrates that luxurious activity.

September 07, 2021 — Scent Split