Francesca Bianchi is the portrait of a successful perfumer whose next and next perfumes have all been one step forward. But have you tried her first releases? We suggest you enter her chamber of sorcery with her Sex and the Sea. This perfume was one of her first launches and still is a gem.

As the name suggests, it pictures both humid seaside air and intimacy, and for that, it includes a mimosa, pineapple, coconut, immortelle, rose, iris, sandalwood, myrrh, labdanum, benzoin, ambergris, civet, vanilla.

Sex and the Sea opens with a peculiar dusty smell merged within lactonic and woodsy dimensions; such a paradox! A strong portion of coconut into mimosa and immortelle adds more carnality to the potion, and the pineapple takes this sensuality to a juice naughty level. The result is creamy, skin- mate, tanned, saline, zesty, and sultry sweaty like all these aspects as in real.

Sex and the Sea, in a word, smells equivalence of when you’re having perfect sex after you’ve had a nice and full lunch after you slept so well. It’s full-bodies in all proportions just like when you’re at your best.

I don’t like to finish a post without talking about the performance of a perfume, but Bianchi’s works don’t leave room to discuss. They’re heavy-duty fragrances.

September 10, 2021 — Scent Split