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Christopher Chiofalo
Not Bleu Electrique!

This is Eau Electrique not the discontinued Bleu Electrique that everyone is crazy about. Eau doesnt have cardamom in it and smells along the lines of versace eros. Bleu Electrique has cardamom and smells like a fresher updated version of la nuit. Eau still smells fantastic but they are 2 very different scents so if you are looking for the la nuit DNA this is not the fragrance you want. You want Bleu Electrique and that's very hard to find unless you pay a crazy amount on ebay or know someone in Europe who can get it for you.


La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Electrique

Brandon Williamson
La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Electrique

Well I've been wanting to try this specific one for a very very long time now and I was not disappointed I should have slowed down because I used up my sample within a weekend I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out it took a lot longer to get to me this time normally my orders are on time and fast maybe when I order another it will be on time

Wade Schools
Smells like Candy!

I bought the 5ml decant to try out and luckily got it before the price increased. This scent to me smells soft, powdery and like candy. Almost like cotton candy but more subtle. I enjoy the way this smells on my skin. I didn't notice a lot of projection, so you may have to overspray this one.