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Sam Matthews
Addictive gourmand

I totally get the hubba bubba comparison but it is much richer than that. I find this very comforting to wear and keep smelling my arm over and over when I wear it. Considering grabbing a bottle. Xerjoff are so good at making rich sweet scents


Love this one and I plan to buy the large bottle yeeess.

Phoebe Tsau
Not my scent!

I know Xerjoff is quality house but this one literally smells like bubble gum, which smells cheap even I know they may used quality ingredients. I dislike it to a point that I had to wash it off after 1 hour. I usually love gourmand but this one is not my taste. I actually found that the few samples that I tried from Xerjoff were all NOT my taste. Xerjoff might actually not my thing.

Adel Al-Adeli
Amazing & Gorgeous

This is amazing, an absolute gem.
The smell is so gorgeous & lasts for such a long time.
Not sure about using it in the hot weather ( summer time ).
Hence it's kind of a heavy one, I believe it's better suited in the cold month or in a closed controlled environment like an office.

Lenore Fusano
Perfect for Summer and Always lingering

Dolce Amalfi reminds me of the Amalfi Coast. Tge beauty translates to the slightly spicey gourmand scent It remains on tge skin most of the day and I just love smelling myself as I wander around doing things